Martin Lindkvist Pedersen

A little bit about me

My name is Martin Lindkvist Pedersen. I am a middle aged man with an average life. Here I am among my most peacefull friends. The trees. I like music, nature and enjoy very much geeking out once in a while.

I believe nature is our true God. And destroying it will destroy ourselves. I call myself a nihilist, because I do not believe in the bibles creation story, but a natural observable explanation based on science. An explanation that can be discussed, examined and changed when found to be wrong.

My name is Martin Lindkvist Pedersen. Online I am also known as Mjello and Aludra.

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Christmas decorations

As part of christmas the chirch has a lot of traditions.

The entire choir

Here we are performing in Kvaglund Kirke Esbjerg. I am the second from the left in the top left corner.

Sing with your own voice

A nice song retreat with some good company.

My awesome TKD team

I was assistent trainer on a technical martial art team together with Kasper and Freddy.

A few medals

I did get some medals eventually.

Black belt graduation

Again I am all to the right.

I got no higher than this

This was as far as I got on Kilimanjaro. Sometime I have to go back and return the little lava stone our African guide gave me, when I failed to climb the mountain. If you fail then try again. If you want a travelmate to walk the mountain with, feel free to contact me.

The climb was wet very wet. I got to see the glacier but could not go to the top because I had a commen cold. It kills in 48 hours without oxygen.

And yes this was taken by me with my mobile phone.

I was jumping higher than the master jumper.

Another closeup taken with a mobile phone. I was amazed at just how close I could get to the animals.