Bring Back Life

About - Bring Back Life

Bring Back Life is in alpha developement, and soon there will be a playable demo released here.

Bring back life to the wasteland by rolling balls, building walls and walking robots.

They wanted to build to the skies.

They harnessed the human soul to do their bidding.

They unlocked the secrets of self replicating cells,

and made the self replicating "default cube" do their bidding.

The human soul was freed.

They build to the skies.

And beyond.

Shadows fell.

The cube became life, and life became the cube.

It wanted to build throughout the galaxy.

The default cube became hungry for power.

It enveloped the sun.

And then there were no shadows at all.

Life withered and died.

But a seed remained.

And now you came .

Bring back life.

When water is found you bring back life to a desert wasteland. Protect against enemies with destructable walls and towers with guns that need ammo.

Ammo is provided by a gravity driven rolling ball system.

Ultimately goal is to bring back life to the desert.

This game is early access so expect bugs and odd features. Some people asked if they could play it and so here it is.

Developer priority

Fixing Bugs.

Game save is missing.

More content.

Better UI.

Future goals:

9 playable worlds.

Local multiplayer.

Networked multiplayer.